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Novatop system (CLT)

Building system based on CLT


NOVATOP (CLT) is a comprehensive building system with the best properties for modern wooden buildings. Wood panels SOLID made of cross laminated timber are supplemented with floor and roof panels ELEMENT and OPEN, the main advantages of which are low weight with high static load capacity, the possibility of filling with thermal or acoustic insulation and preparing routes for installations at the production stage. The assortment also includes five-layer panels STATIC which stand out for their extraordinary static load-bearing capacity. The whole system is manufactured in the Czech Republic.

NOVATOP System is suitable for the construction of houses and apartment buildings, office buildings, schools, sports facilities and large industrial buildings. Hovewer, it can also be used in extensions, superstructures and reconstructions. Novatop System has successfully proved that it meets the strict criteria for construction of passive and energy-efficient buildings. The individual elements of the system can be combined with other structures on the basis of wood as well as a brick, steel or glass. NOVATOP panels stand out for their high surface quality.




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